Opera Mail is an email cum news client. It was formerly known as M2. It is developed by Opera Software Technologies Limited and was available in integration within the Opera Web Browser. This continued for versions 2 to 12. From version 15 onwards, it became an individual software available on Windows as well as the iOS platform. Some of the important features are listed below:

Opera Mail vs Thunderbird | Email Services Reviews

  • 1) Rich Text Support :

Opera mail provides a rich variety of text support. It supports a variety of different languages. Thus, it enables the users to compose messages in a language they are comfortable with.

  • 2) Inline Spelling Check :

It enables a powerful spelling checker. This automatically rectifies any mistake that might have got overlooked by the user. This increases the authenticity of the email with less spelling errors.

  • 3) Spam Filtering:

One of the most powerful spam filters of today is provided by Opera Mail. This prevents the fraudulent emails and spam from cluttering the inbox of the user. This can create a lot of disturbance for the user and decrease his efficiency.

  • 4) Contact Manager:

It provides the feature of a contact manager which helps the user to solve any problems that he might be facing in the service.

  • 5) Newsgroups:

It allows the user to access various newsgroups while using the email service. It is an added feature to the web service

  • 6) Atoms and RSS feeds:

It is another unique and user-friendly feature of Opera Mail.

Mozilla Thunderbird is free and the Gmail is open-source software. It is developed by Mozilla Firefox. It’s installed by default on Ubuntu Operating Systems. The product strategy is somewhat similar to the Mozilla Firefox Browser. The first version (1.0) was released on the 7th of December.

Some of the important features of Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird mail are listed below:

  • 1) Message Management: Important feature helping to manage any message that the user composes, sends or receives.
  • 2) Junk Filtering: Helps the user to identify the important mails from the unimportant ones.
  • 3) Extensions and themes: Provides the user with a variety of themes that help the user thereby providing an attractive theme-based user interface.
  • 4) Standard Supports Another attractive feature of the email service. It makes web service more user-friendly.
  • 5) Cross-platform support: Allows the user to connect to people using other email services like aol, www.hotmail.co.uk login etc.
Features Mozilla Thunderbird Opera Mail
Exchange Support Yes No
IMAP Yes Yes
Multi-Account Yes Yes
POP3 yes yes


On a concluding note, one can say that in the current age of strong competition email brands like Hotmail and Yahoo if up to age development isn’t done it isn’t a long time such brands will surely lack behind. You can bookmark our website for more such helpful comparison.